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Clarity provide over 340 clinical topics, a full list can be found in the Prodigy online application.

The list below outlines the current work programme for 2015 between July and September releases, this includes both topics for review and the development of new topics (highlighted in bold).

To see an example of a current topic, click here.

Cataracts Jul-15
Glandular fever Jul-15
Insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes Jul-15
Whooping cough Jul-15
Itch in pregnancy Jul-15
Acute Childhood Limp Aug-15
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Aug-15
Glaucoma and ocular hypertension Aug-15
Heart failure – chronic Aug-15
Mastitis and breast abscess Aug-15
Multiple sclerosis Aug-15
Analgesia – mild-to-moderate pain Sep-15
Chest infections – adult Sep-15
Chlamydia – uncomplicated genital Sep-15
Corticosteroids – inhaled Sep-15
Corticosteroids – oral Sep-15
Corticosteroids – topical (skin), nose, and eyes Sep-15
Dementia Sep-15
HIV infection and AIDS Sep-15
Meningitis (bacterial)/meningococcal septicaemia Sep-15
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Sep-15