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International Distributors for Prodigy

Clarity seeks international distributors for our Prodigy clinical decision support tool.

The clinical content in this site provides recommendations for first contact diagnosis and treatment of over 330 disease areas.

The sale of this information has potential benefit for individual clinicians, professional organisation (such as universities or professional bodies) or even to nation states.

We hope to attract enthusiastic sales people who are interested in an attractive rate of revenue sharing the income from international sales of access to this knowledge.

If you would like to hear more about this opportunity please contact Mr Bob Evans, Commercial Manager

Freelance Clinical Authors

Clarity is keen to engage authors to create clinical content for our Clinical Knowledge Summaries and Prodigy sites.

The clinical content in these sites is taken from national guidance and high quality evidence in order to provide recommendations for first contact diagnosis and treatment of over 330 disease areas.

We seek generalist clinicians, pharmacists and other biomedical graduates who have an interest and ability to create high quality written content using our accredited processes and Clarity house style.

If you are interested in an attractive remuneration package and working with our team in a freelance capacity please contact Dr Gerry Morrow, Medical Director