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Prodigy is designed to be a practical resource to aid healthcare professionals at the point of care which is devised from rigorously reviewed and researched evidence, as well as providing a useful educational resource.

Prodigy includes the following areas of detail:

  • Topic Summary providing a brief overview of the clinical topic, highlighting key topics.
  • Recommendations and guidance over key clinical areas.
  • Goals and outcome measures including important treatment goals and quality indicators.
  • Diagnosing information is provided on how best to diagnose the patient.
  • Prescribing information and drug recommendations to generate a prescription.
  • Management – clinical scenarios containing specific detail as to how to treat particular patients.
  • Evidence underpinning the recommendations in detail.

ico-notesClinical Content

Evidence based clinical information:

  • For clinicians working in primary and first contact care.
  • A comprehensive source of up-to-date clinical and prescribing information.
  • Includes extensive topic coverage of over 340 topics consisting of over 1000 clinical presentations.

ico-supportSupporting practice

Designed for healthcare professionals to:

  • Reach a diagnosis.
  • Prescribe rationally.
  • Offer effective and safe treatment options.
  • Appropriately refer for specialist assessment or management.
  • Create local protocols and guidance.

ico-providerPractical evidence based guidance

Provides clear & concise recommendations that:

  • Address real-life clinical questions.
  • Link to a summary of the reasoning behind the recommendation.
  • Are supported by a fully referenced and detailed discussion of the evidence.

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